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William L. Haney Jr.

P. O. BOX 1014 MARSHALLS CREEK Pennsylvania 18335 with his beautiful wife and children.

Author of Go Green Monkey©®™, a bright, colorful and fun-filled animated children’s’ book series; licensed in the United States and independently distributed worldwide by Stepping Stone Enterprise LLC©®™.

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The company, founded by Haney, has secured several patents, copyrights, trademarks and licenses to do business on a global scale with expressed intent to distribute, promote and make available for retail purchase, a full scale line of products and promotional marketing goods. With respect to global concerns as a result of production, his company, or brand more accurately described, intends to develop and print ECO-Friendly content.

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All phases of production are overseen by William L. Haney Jr. himself who seems to possess an instinctual nature to conceptualize and deliver an amazing story and develop a plot with interesting poly-dimensional characters. His goal is to inspire others to “believe, achieve, and succeed?” Dynamic and engaging; I'd say Will is a brilliant new writer with very valuable ideas!

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Go Green Monkey©®™

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